Photo Masking Service

Image masking service is chiefly for eliminating fur or hair from an item or model’s picture. It is an option in contrast to the image clipping service which assists with eliminating background through this way. It is an extremely basic picture editing strategy which is done by us totally alright.

What Is Image Masking Service? (In Details)

Actually, Image Masking Service is an alternative to Adobe Photoshop Clipping path service or clips out a subject from a background. It is actually used when photo clipping service is not enough to cut out any subject perfectly. In detail, we can say that clipping path is the basic clip out process which is applied to some subjects which have round edges or not have too many branches. Do Clipping Path regarding the matter like a bat, jug, house, vehicle and so on which are simpler to clip out from a background. But if the subject has more fluffy edges, more branches, or the subject is hazy then it needs time and efforts to clip out this critical object. And furthermore, for this kind of work, the Photoshop pen tool is not sufficient.

Hence the photo Masking Service comes up to do this kind of work more accurately and perfectly. Image Masking is the best method to cut a picture from its background without hampering its shape. This background removing method is so critical and in these sorts of photo editing, clipping path can not be applied to eliminate the background. We have a devoted and talented designer for Photoshop masking service and they have accomplished this work with the most significant level of ability.

Types of Image Masking Service:

Depending on the picture’s background color, subject color and the resolution of that picture we, ABC company apply some high level masking service to give you the best outcome as per the picture customers send us to edit. We do these sorts of services.

  1. Photoshop Layer Masking
  1. Alpha Channel Masking