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welcome to Color Pixelate

The Color Pixelate clipping and editing service is a reliable, quality solution for all those who work with high volumes of professional image material. With 525 employees worldwide located at sites in Germany, Thailand, Bangladesh and Cambodia, we deliver quality clipping paths, masks, -retouching, vectorization , image conversions and basic image and color correction for your print and online media. Fast, efficient, inexpensive. And sure.

Our service – your advantage. We are design a solution just for you. Simply let us know your requirements and send us your images (even in high volumes). You will receive your edited images within a short time.

There is another reason why we at Color Pixelate are so fast and so reliable. We have fine-tuned our logistics to the different time zones of our production sites. So that we can be there for you and your job 24 hours a day. Even on Sundays and public holidays.

Our goal is simple in photo editing company, you send your images to us including instructions, then we process the photos within 24 hours and we send the photos back to you. We use photo editing software such as adobe photoshop, and adobe lightroom to edit your images carefully and accurately to your specifications. Our quality assurance team will then check whether the images are done perfectly or not. If you are looking for a long term partner in your photo editing, rotoscoping and vfx editing, photo editing company is the solution for you. Try our services today.

Success Stories:

• Image stock company In Tallinn increased their image processing capacity from 70,000 to 1 million per annum.

• We have successfully retouched more than 50,000 real estate images per year and have a huge number of satisfied clients.

• Our client spans across the globe including US, Canada, UK, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and many more locations.

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