Ecommerce Product Photo Editing: The mystery behind Boosting sales

If you are going through the eCommerce product photo uploading niche of different eCommerce platforms, you will get a detailed manual where they have mentioned how the image measurement and other stuffs. In the manual, they have said to upload the perfect images according to their website setup and image setup. Perfect shaped and appealing images are great to use for the true potential customers so that they can zoom in the images for more details. However, the ultimate product images with the ultimate shapes hold on the proper product aesthetics that attracts the customers minds and compels them to make the buying decision instantly. So, to be a blockbuster eCommerce product seller, try to more use the best-shaped product images in general.

Photo Straightening

Ecommerce product images must be straight and perfectly nourished. They need to be cropped or shorten in such a way that they will be of exact match with the website image frames holding glamor. Because of different reasons, while clicking product images, the images may not be straight and definitely get a fish-eye effect. As a result, they lose total quality and appeal more to fish-eye correction. This type of image is never appreciated in the eCommerce online platform. So, as an responsible eCommerce store manager , you always have to take photo editing services to straighten the product images properly.

Use white Background

Major eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon and eBay prefers a lot with white product background to another types of backgrounds. But, while product photo shooting, you cannot achieve the eCommerce quality white background photos through the product photographers trying to use white background at all. In that case, you will need to take background removing service and use a massive white background. This background cutout service will not only increase the beauty of your product images but also spending on photo editing, you will get more return on Investment. So, to get more sales every time, you have to take images and fix background removal service and apply the white backdrop.

Photo Color correction

Product images containing different perfect colors will boost your product image attractiveness and eventually will maximize your business in cash. So, your images must be great regarding color. Due to various reasons like environments, camera settings, amateur shutterbugs, etc. Your product images may not be captured properly with perfect color. Besides, you may need to create different versions regularly of the same type of products. So, here we always recommend receiving Photoshop color correction service mostly. It will help you very much to gain product photo color exactly how they should be. You can really take this image editing service to make your product photos more appealing and thus get maximum sales with the desirable profit margin.

Remove Background objects

In most cases, it happens that the image background is fair enough and we want to keep it, but there are some objects we dislike and feel the necessity to withdraw completely. Perhaps, the objects are hampering the fairness of the entire product and we feel that the image quality is not up to the mark. However, we can remove the background objects and really improve product image quality taking background object removal services. The image editing personnel will then kick out the unwanted objects or replace other objects from your product images as you desire now. The beautiful product photos make the products four times more saleable and thus your business can be a blockbuster.

Ghost mannequin service

For showcasing clothing images on eCommerce websites, we all should use images with 3D effects, because they are more saleable with a handsome profit. To create this 3D hollow effect, professional photographers commonly use mannequin while photo shooting. But, with these plastic mannequins, the product images are not allowed in eCommerce platforms. Such images fail to draw attention. So, you should take ghost mannequin service to remove mannequin from the cloth images maintaining the hollow effect. Using this photodevice, we can amplify the sales.

Realistic Shadow creation

Photoshop shadow creation is very crucial for giving any product realistic presentation. Without a perfect shadow, your product will assume as it is floating and unnatural. But if you apply proper shadow, it looks real. Not only that when you remove the background and apply a white background, but you should also use shadows. Different types of shadow you can apply, such as drop shadow,
reflection shadow, transparent shadow, translucent shadow, natural shadow, etc. Your products will demand the necessary shadow. Shadows will give your product ground and increase the image bet more sales and profits.

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